How to Integrate Social Media in Your Company

What do we write about?

Will anybody read it?

How will we know if social media is working?

These are valid questions for any company considering social media as part of its marketing mix.

There are two types of integration:

  • Vertical integration┬áthat follows the organizational structure
  • Horizontal integration┬áthat leverages technology to ensure the right content in the right place

Vertical integration

Every organization has some form of vertical integration.

It can be very helpful to the reader. Think how awful it would be to find business, sports, and entertainment stories in random order in your newspaper. Vertical integration puts stories in the section where you would expert to find them.

Vertical integration can also create depth in the content.

Horizontal integration

Content can and, at time, should be published in several applications at the same time to catch all potential readers.

Certain social media applications have integrated the publishing process so that the content appears in multiple places, similar to sending a press release.

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