Building an Authority Website

There’s huge value in a company establishing itself as an authority.  The company’s website plays a crucial role in building your authority.

Authority websites have six qualities:

  1. Educational content worth sharing with others
  2. Multiple forms of content
  3. A blog
  4. Social media connections
  5. Social media sharing
  6. Mobile version

1) Educational content worth sharing with others

Authorities focus constantly on why it’s important to change and how to make the change that’s important. They do so through educational content focused on the visitors’ needs. It’s quite an obsession.

2) Multiple forms of content

Authorities understand that people have different learning styles. They use print, video, presentations, webinars, etc. to connect with their diverse audiences.

They also understand the value of long, medium, and short ideas. Not everything has to be a long blog post. Tweets and short videos are valuable in establishing a rhythm and constancy to their publishing.

3) A blog

Blogging is a staple of authority. It is the best medium in which to explore an idea from top to bottom and left to right.

Blogging naturally involves the reader as well through comments and social media sharing. The comments are an immediate source of feedback and even inspiration for future posts.

4) Social media connections

Pursuing authority is one way for social media to make sense for any company.. It’s critical that your website makes it easy for people to connect to you via social media. We’ll come back to this more in the future.

5) Social media sharing

Social media sharing will help your authority message go viral. People who benefit from what you do well will likely know others who can benefit. That network effect is a key part of your authority formula.

6) Mobile version

Ideally, your authority content will be accessible anywhere on any device. There are a number of considerations. For example, iPhones and iPods don’t allow Flash. Just try to visit an architecture website from either of those devices, and you’ll see what I mean.

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