Authority Is Not the New Leading

The dot-com bust is a great example of “leading” companies that went under. There were so many.

Authority is a different strategy altogether. Authority is the antidote to leading if your company is stuck in an industry with many companies calling itself the leader. Here’s why authority is different.

Authority is earned

It’s something to which I aspire, but it’s not something to claim. Being cited by others is a requisite for building authority.

Authority is measurable

To me, this is one of the great promises of social media. Every tweet, retweet, comment, follow, and friend is measurable. They are consumer citations, which in turn help build authority.

AddThis makes it easy to measure how many people share your content with others. Each share represenents a citation.

Authority builds credibility

We’ve become so jaded by “leading” and by companies who use that approach to describe their work. I rarely believe it, and I don’t think anyone else does.

Authority on the other hand is tangible and measurable. The combination of producing helpful content that is shared by many people can lead to great credibility for anyone or any company.

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