Authority Marketing A Go-To Tool For Any Situation

There are basically four ways that you or I find new customers:

  • You find them by interrupting their life.
  • You find them by networking.
  • They find you by referral.
  • They find you by searching.

Authority marketing simplifies the process by giving you one go-to approach that works for all circumstances. Let’s break it down.

You find them – interruption

This is the most common form of marketing. It’s what marketers do every day.

You put your service or product somewhere where it will be seen. It could be an advertisement. It’s the news story. It’s product placement. In each of these cases, you’re using someone else’s media to be seen or heard.

But it can also be a cold call that catches someone at work.

You find them – networking

We all network in some form or fashion. I like local business development groups. Or it could be a presentation in front of the right group.

Networking is a nicer form of interruption because everyone for the most part expects it — and can even welcome it in the right circumstances.

They find you – referral

Who doesn’t like a warm lead from a satisfied client? Referrals are the lifeblood of great marketing and service.

They find you – search

More and more, people are finding us before we even know they are looking. Inbound marketing didn’t exist five years ago. Now, some marketers believe it accounts for 30 percent or more of traffic.

What we do know is that people are sourcing and buying large-ticket items but not engaging the sales team until they absolutely have to.

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